About Us...

 You know those pieces of clothing that are your go-to pieces? The ones you look for but are disappointed to find in the dirty laundry... again. The ones that make you feel confident but are also really comfortable. The ones you love. After years of taking advantage of "good deals" only to have more clothes to push aside to get to our favorites, we decided to stop shopping to have more clothes and start shopping only for items we love. We want getting ready in the morning to be easy, quick, and fun! When everything in your closet is something you love, that is exactly what happens. With that goal in mind, Haperson Hill was born.

Haperson Hill was created to be a place where you will find pieces you love that are beautiful yet practical for the everyday woman.  As everyday women ourselves, we need pieces that make us feel good - whether we are sitting in our office, on a date, or helping with math homework.  We need pieces that we can count on to look and feel great when we grab them on the go. With that said, who has time to look for those "love-worthy" clothes (AND gifts)?! 

At Haperson Hill, we will provide you with beautiful apparel and unique gifts that you can count on - saving you time and energy to spend on the things that are really meaningful to you. That's what we desire for ourselves. We would not expect anything less for you!

Thank you for supporting Haperson Hill.  Happy shopping!

Haperson Hill

Tami Woods, Owner