Committed to Giving Back

Lillian Jaxx is committed to working with Transformation House, a local non-profit in Boerne, Texas, that provides the means and support for women who are learning to live beyond abusive circumstances. We have created a unique scent inspired by the amazing women who lead and benefit from TH. This candle is a special joint product that is sold exclusively by Transformation house at their events and pop-up stores. Now that Lillian Jaxx has a showroom in Boerne and is sold at a variety of locations, we have committed even more to this wonderful cause.  When you purchase any product in the Magnolia + Oak product line, we will donate 15% of the sale directly to Transformation House.  

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Magnolia + Oak is a custom scent by Lillian Jaxx Home Fragrance inspired by the women of Transformation House— the founders, the leaders, the benefactors, the volunteers, and the beneficiaries. Magnolia + Oak is a unique scent for a unique woman.  

"Magnolia + Oak is a strong woman who faces adversity and not only survives, but also thrives. She isn’t perfect. She isn’t unafraid. She isn’t always strong. She IS tenacious and brave and bold - even when she thinks she isn’t any of those. She is a woman who pulls herself out of the mire, clawing and clasping, in the face of insurmountable odds. Even when the world around her is falling apart and pain and shame seem to have moved in, unpacked and rearranged the furniture, she finds her inner strength and faces her challenges. She is the fragrant, striking magnolia blossom and the strong, mighty oak all in one. Magnolia + Oak is a majestic woman to behold - she is every woman."  

This scent has top notes of fresh greens, lemon, eucalyptus, fir needle, and peppermint; middle notes of magnolia, rose, orange flower, jasmine, lily, cedar wood, sandalwood, and clove; and, woody bottom notes of vanilla, musk, oakmoss, and amber.