Eco-friendly bracelets made from recycled car parts and scrap aluminum.
Eco-friendly bracelets. Silver cuff.

Recycled Aluminum Cuff Bracelet

Women of the Cloud Forest
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These eco-friendly bracelets are both beautiful to look at and have a beautiful origin story. Created from car engine parts and scrap aluminum, these shiny cuff bracelets are handcrafted by artisans supported in Nicaragua. Who knew recycled car parts could look so beautiful? 

These eco-friendly bracelets are one of the new pieces from our new collection from Women of the Cloud Forest. This amazing new brand provides business education, a steady stream of orders, and interest-free micro-loans and grants to small family workshops and cooperatives in countries around the world. We carry a variety of their products that you can purchase and gift without hesitation. The beauty of these pieces of art extends far beyond what meets the eye.

Eco-Friendly Bracelets Details: 

These eco-friendly bracelets come in a variety of widths and sizes due to the fact that each handcrafted piece is a one-of-a-kind piece of art. Each piece is created using recycled car parts and scrap aluminum. They shouldn't tarnish! When you purchase a Women of the Cloud Forest product, you are purchasing an item that is fair trade, eco-friendly, small batch, and handcrafted by artisans being supported around the world. 

  • Fair trade.
  • Eco-friendly.
  • Small batch.


  • Recycled car parts and scrap aluminum.
  • Handcrafted.
  • Made in Nicaragua.

Gifting/Decorating Ideas:

Shopping for eco-friendly bracelets/jewelry, gifts, and home decor has never been so easy. We have been searching for fair-trade, eco-friendly gifting options that you can be purchase and gift with peace of mind. We want gifting responsibly to be easy this year. This beautiful silver bracelet will catch admiring eyes all year round. Whomever you gift it to will have the pleasure of sharing its origin story with those who inquire about it. These will make great gifts for a teacher, co-workers, a Secret Santa, friends, and family. They are priced just right for you to buy multiple. Don't forget yourself!

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