Greta Thunberg tee shirts for kids.
Greta Thunberg tee shirts for kids on model.
Greta Thunberg tee shirts for kids. Artemisa Barbosa Ribeiro information.
Greta Thunberg tee shirts for kids. Ayakha Melithafa information.
Greta Thunberg tee shirts for kids. Greta Thunberg information.
Greta Thunberg tee shirts for kids. Autumn Peltier information.
Greta Thunberg tee shirts for kids. Ridhima Pandey information.

Trailblazer Tee - Earth Heroes

Piccolina Kids
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We love these Earth Heroes Greta Thunberg tee shirts so much! Made by one of the coolest brands we have found. We would be proud to have our kids wear these Greta Thunberg tee shirts (and other young Earth Heroes) and any of the other tees from this Trailblazer collection. We want to give them as gifts to every child we know. This 100% cotton short sleeve tee features an illustrated group portrait of five youth climate change activists who are tirelessly working to protect our planet and their future. Encourage passion for preserving our planet in all of our youth with this fun top!

Greta Thunberg Tee Shirts Details:

In honor of youth activists Ridhima Pandey (11), Autumn Peltier (15), Great Thunberg (17), Ayakha Melithafa (18), and Artemisa Barbosa Ribeiro (19), Piccolina Kids created this exclusive short sleeve children's tee illustrated by artist Noa Snir for those cool kids in your life. Greta Thunberg tee shirts will be their new favorite!

  • Unisex fit.
  • Fits true to size.
  • Color: Lime


  • 100% COTTON
  • Machine Washable - cold, gentle, tumble dry low.
  • Imported

About Our Earth Heroes:

Ridhima Pandey, 11 From Haridwar, India, a holy city on the Ganges River, Ridhima Pandey grew tired of the pollution she had seen in her community. She filed a petition to India's National Green Tribunal, which oversees environmental concerns, for not taking enough major steps to combat climate change. Ridhima wasn't taken seriously and was told she was too young to be an activist. Instead of being discouraged, she escalated her petition to the Indian Supreme Court. Two years later in 2019, Ridhima joined 15 other youth activists to file a complaint at the UN Climate Action Summit against the lack of government action to combat climate change. 

Autumn Peltier, 15 Living on one of the largest groups of freshwater lakes in the world, Autumn Peltier made it her goal from a young age to raise awareness around water rights. As a member of the Wikwemikong First Nation in northern Ontario, Canada, she has always had access to clean, safe and reliable drinking water. But, Autumn knew many of the other First Nation communities had not been so lucky. She believes that banning and limiting single use plastic will be a step in the direction Mother Earth needs. 

Greta Thunberg, 17 Known for her straightforward manner, Swedish environmental activist Greta Thunberg has gained international recognition for her criticism of world leaders and their failure to take sufficient action to address the climate crisis. She believes that humanity is facing an existential crisis as a result of climate change. For the last two years, Greta and her family have been doing as many things as they can to lower their carbon footprint and overall impact on the environment by becoming vegan, upcycling and giving up flying. 

Ayakha Melithafa, 18 Two years ago, while Ayakha Melithafa was living in Khayelitsha, South Africa, her community went through a severe drought. She learned this was a result of climate change and got involved in advocacy as quickly as she could. Ayakha began serving as a spokesperson for the African Climate Alliance, which is a climate advocacy group working with over a million youths around the world. Now Ayakha is calling for an immediate moratorium on the extraction of coal, oil and gas in South Africa. 

Artemisa Barbosa Ribeiro 19 A member of the Xakriabá tribe, Artemisa Barbosa Ribeiro grew up in the southeastern state of Brazil in São João das Missões. Her mission is to stop environmental destruction across Brazil, especially in the Amazon rainforest and territories that belong to her tribe. This damage is directly linked to corporate mining and agriculture, so Artemisa is calling upon legislation to be put in place to help protect these areas. 

** Piccolina Kids is dedicated to giving 10% of all proceeds from the sale of the Earth Heroes tee to a non-profit environmental advocacy organization.

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