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Fiddle Leaf Sticker

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Fiddle Leaf Fig Trees have been one of the most popular house plants for years and don't appear to be going anywhere anytime soon, and neither are these adorable plant stickers! Place them somewhere special and leave them be. Despite being a trendy house plant, the Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree is a finicky plant that requires the perfect amount of sun, but not direct sun, water, but not too much water, and loads of humidity. This tropical plant is a species of plant in the mulberry and fig family Moraceae - native to western Africa where it grows in the lowland tropical rainforest. The Fiddle Leaf Fig is actually a tree and can easily outgrow your home reaching heights of 10 feet indoors. A mature outdoor Fiddle Leaf can reach 50 feet tall! If your tree is looking like it isn't thriving, don't fret. The cook thing about a Fiddle Leaf is that you can cut back the top of the plant, and it will sprout from trunk. The Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree has a personality of its own - just like you!

Plant Stickers Details:

These plant stickers are a super cute way of owning your very own Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree without all of the maintenance. They are much smaller than the real thing at 2 inches x 3 inches. Use these trendy Fiddle Leaf Fig plant stickers to jazz up your everyday items like your laptop, water bottle, planner, notebook and more! These plant stickers are single die-cut stickers with a metallic finish. They are waterproof and have a UV protective coating.

  • 2 inches x 3 inches
  • Single die-cut sticker.
  • Metallic finish.
  • UV protective coating.


  • Waterproof.
  • Made in the Sweden.

Use Ideas:

House plants are super trendy right now with loads of plant lovers bringing the feel of nature into their homes. These plant stickers are perfect for adding some warmth and personality to all of your everyday belongings. This is a Fiddle Leaf Fig that is sure to thrive and can be gifted to all of your plant loving friends! 

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