Popular gifts for middle schoolers and high schoolers. Moving puzzle.
Popular gifts for middle schoolers include non electronic puzzles like this!
We are always looking for popular gifts for middle schoolers and high schoolers like this flying machine puzzle.
This is amazing! Popular gifts for middle schoolers and high schoolers in motion.

Copy of Totally Glueless - Magnificent Flying Machine

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Finding popular gifts for middle schoolers (really all older children) can prove difficult at times. We have been on a quest to find the perfect gifts that kids from older elementary school age through college would enjoy. We wanted something unique that would capture their excitement without having to be yet another electronic. We think we have found them! This new line of Totally Glueless machines are challenging and oh so satisfying to complete. They are projects that will hold your kids' attentions the whole time. 

Popular Gifts For Middle Schoolers Details: 

These popular gifts for middle schoolers and all older kids are unique non-electronic gifts you will be glad to gift. These unique gifts are also the perfect projects for a whole family. The Magnificent Flying Machine is an automaton – a moving machine – made entirely from cardboard. The kit includes a box with pieces you punch out and slot together by following the instructional poster. Do not be fooled. It sounds easier than it is! This will provide the challenge needed to hold your older child's attention. A video is available to watch if they get stuck. Once assembled, turn the handle to watch the machine fly! This gift is recommended for kids age 8 and up. Younger kids may need some assistance. This gift has no plastic, so it is completely compostable or recyclable.

  • Recommended for age: 8+


  • No plastic.
  • Completely compostable or recyclable.
  • Imported.

Gifting Ideas:

These will be popular gifts for middle schoolers and high schoolers alike. Actually, this gift is also perfect for the adults in your life who love to do puzzles as well! All kids need to be reminded that they can have fun "unplugged" with toys that do not require technology. These "machines" are the perfect way to accomplish that. Is it hard to think of something to give the person in your life who has everything? Here you go! How about a good gift for your parents who are so hard to shop for. This will bring them hours of entertainment. Be the favorite gift-giver this birthday or Christmas! Shop now!

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