Sample of small wooden display stand.
Small wooden display stand shown in standing position.
Under side of small wooden display stand.
Standing small wooden display stand.
Small wooden display stand with feet.
Side view of small wooden display stand.
Sample of brown small wooden display stand.
Under side with feet shown for small wooden display stand.

Hand Carved Wooden Chakla Riser

Haperson Hill Home
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Spruce up the things that typically sit out on a counter by displaying them on a small wooden display stand from Haperson Hill Home.We love the look of a beautiful small wooden display stand with a cluster of candles in a bathroom. Set one next to the kitchen sink to set your soap bottles upon. If you don't need to display anything, lean it in a standing position on a shelf or counter to display its beautiful carved surface. These small wooden display stands are the perfect balance between beautiful and functional decor. When developing our Haperson Hill Home line, we wanted to create products that were not only beautiful but would also have a ripple affect of good. We partnered with a group of artisans in India - utilizing the craftsmanship of other small businesses to create small batch items that would bring business opportunities to the artisans and bring the richness of another culture to the buyer. We are so excited to be able to bring you this new collection.

*When you purchase from the Haperson Hill Home collection, we will donate a percentage of the profit to a local non-profit, charity, or cause. Check our homepage to learn more!

Small Wooden Display Stand Details:

A small wooden display stand from Haperson Hill Home is handcrafted by artisans in India. Each stand is created from a repurposed antique chakla. A chakla is traditionally used in Indian homes as a surface for rolling out bread dough. These wooden chaklas were originally small, round platters with a flat surface. The flat surface has been hand carved with a beautiful design and painted. Feet were then added to its base. Each small wooden display stand is one of a kind and will vary in color, shape, and size. These chakla stands are approximately 12 inches long and 9 inches in diameter. These measurements will vary from piece to piece. Enjoy finding all of the many ways to use this lovely stand when decorating your home.

Available in: brown and natural.

Fabric & Care:

  • Antique wooden chakla.
  • Hand carved.
  • Painted.
  • Small batch.
  • Handmade for Haperson Hill by artisans in India.

Design Ideas:

One of a kind pieces found only at our store is what we strive for. These small wooden display stands are some of our newest additions. There are endless uses for this stand. Lean it agains a wall to display the hand carved design. Set a grouping of pillar candles on it for a centerpiece or to display on a counter. Set your kitchen soap bottles and sponge dish on the stand next to your kitchen sink. A salt well and pepper grinder look amazing on one of these raised stands. However you decide to use it, this will be one of the more functional pieces of decor that you own! You can even gift one to your fellow home decor loving friends. We are excited to see how and what you display with your new small wooden display stand from Haperson Hill Home!

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