Women's straw fedora hat.
Women's straw fedora hat with light chambray band.
Front view of women's straw fedora hat.
Side view of women's straw fedora hat.

Chambray Band Straw Fedora

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Elevate your style with this women's straw fedora hat. Fedora's are one of the hat styles that are easy to wear no matter what you may think about yourself in hats. the smaller brim makes them provide just enough coverage to make them useful, but the sleekness of the design looks effortlessly cool. There are so many ways to style this classic hat. The straw gives this particular women's straw fedora hat a warm weather feel. Whether you are wearing it with your favorite outfits or for sun protection at the pool or beach, this hat will quickly become one of your accessory staples. 

Women's Straw Fedora Hat Details:

This women's straw fedora hat is beautifully crafted out of lighter, natural colored straw and accented with a light chambray hat band. This classic shape comes in a one size fits most with a 21.25 inches inner circumference. Overtime, with wear, the straw will give some and form to your head for a more custom fit. The chambray band pictured in the images is lighter colored. In person, it is a true chambray. Buy yourself and your favorite friend this cool hat, and you will both look great in this popular style.

  • One size fits most.
  • Lighter chambray color in person.
  • Inner circumference is 21.25 inches.


  • Natural straw.
  • Imported

    Styling Ideas:

    Nothing elevates an outfit like a great hat. You may not feel like much of a hat person, but, trust us, you can pull off this women's straw fedora hat. It looks great on all face shapes and is a great starter hat if you are not used to wearing them. Throw this straw hat on with your bathing suit and cover-up for a trip to the pool or beach. Away from the water, this fedora will look great paired with a floral maxi. If you want a more polished look, pair this hat with a cool blazer with the sleeves pushed up over a white tank and your favorite denim bottoms. The wearing potential for this women's straw fedora hat is endless and limited only by your imagination. Have fun with it! 

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