The Perfect Gifts for Schitt's Creek Fans!

Schitt's Creek! You know the show. The one with our new best friends Johnny, Moira, David, Alexis, Stevie... No? Have you been living under a rock? With all of the binge watching we've all done in 2020, you're bound to have a friend or two who love this amazing show. Well, Christmas is just around the corner, and it's time to get shopping. We've got you covered with our suggestions for the most amazing Schitt's Creek gifts for this holiday season.

1. An Arranged Meeting of the Entire Cast

Depending on who you are, you might just be able to get this arranged. (If you can, please call us!) If you're just an ordinary Joe, like the rest of us, this super creative prayer candle set will substitute nicely. Your friend can look at the characters and even talk to them as if they were meeting them in real life!

2. A Coffee Date with Dan Levy

Assuming you are still an average Joe, this enormous coffee mug will make your friend feel like they are channeling their inner David. At 15 oz, there will be enough bitter sweet love to go around... just like a real coffee date with David!

3. A Big Old Hug from Catherine O'Hara

On the coldest of mornings, this cute mug will feel like the warm hug you always wanted from Moira. We can hear her indistinguishable accent now! Spoil your friend with this and a gift card to their favorite local coffee shop.

4. A Shopping Date with Annie Murphy

Aww...we can hear the sweet sounds of Alexis's disapproval of David now. Who needs to shop with her? Now your friend can carry her with them everyday! This keychain will remind your friend daily of their imaginary friend Alexis.

5. A Sweet Reminder That People Matter More Than All of the Roses' Money

These amazingly unique bracelets are imprinted with the sound waves produced by a voice saying, "Your Heart and My Heart Are Very Very Old Friends" by Rumi. This bracelet will forever be a reminder of all of the friendships the Roses made over time... and your friendship with the person you give this too. They will love it just as much or more than their favorite show.

Now that you are prepared to shop for all of your Schitt's Creek loving friends, get shopping! (Boop)

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