Candles that give back. Lillian Jaxx medium glass jar candle.
Candles that give back. Lillian Jaxx medium glass jar candles with copper lids.

Lillian Jaxx Medium Glass Jar Candles

Lillian Jaxx
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This candle is the medium size of our Lillian Jaxx collection of candles that give back. The simple, classic look of these glass jars with copper tin lids will look and smell amazing in any room. Each candle is thoughtfully hand-poured using premium wax and phthalate-free fragrance oil and comes with two wicks to ensure a maximum melt pool. This candle is great for large, open spaces and will easily fill multiple rooms with fragrance. At 12 ounces, this lovely mid-sized candle will provide you with 55-65 hours of burn time. These candles are great for medium to large rooms and will also provide fragrance for surrounding rooms.

Candles That Give Back Details:

  • Medium - 12 oz.
  • 55-65 hour burn time.
  • Lead free.
  • Dye free.

Available in the following fragrances:

  • Magnolia + Oak**
  • Cashmere + Fig
  • Gardenia + Tuberose
  • Golden Pear + Sunshine
  • Pumpkin Ginger + Cider (Fall/Winter Scent)
  • Spruce + Mistletoe (Fall/Winter Scent)

For detailed descriptions of available fragrances, click here.

Candles That Give Back Company:

  • Lillian Jaxx is a family owned business run out of Boerne, TX.
  • Made in the USA in Boerne, TX.
  • For more information on candle care, click here.

Walk into your home or office and enjoy the warm welcome you meet from your favorite fragrance. Never again will you have to worry about the smells your guests may meet as they enter your home. As you burn your candles that give back in the Magnolia + Oak fragrance, enjoy knowing that your purchase has helped provide support to women and children who are rebuilding their lives after leaving situations of domestic violence. Learn how by reading further.

**Lillian Jaxx has committed to donate 15% of the sales of all Magnolia + Oak products directly to Transformation House.  Transformation House is a local non-profit organization in Boerne, Texas, that provides the means and support for women who are learning to live beyond abusive circumstances through transitional housing, education, and support.

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