Fair trade Christmas decorations. Silver large Peace Dove with base.
Fair trade Christmas decorations. Front view of silver large Peace Dove with base.

Recycled Aluminum Large Peace Dove

Women of the Cloud Forest
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Even more beautiful fair trade Christmas decorations to choose from have arrived! We love Women of the Cloud Forest and all that they are doing. With your purchases from our Women of the Cloud Forest collection, you are supporting an organization that provides business assistance and education, a steady stream of orders, and interest-free micro-loans and grants to small family workshops and cooperatives in countries around the world. As you catch the warm reflection of twinkling Christmas lights shining off the silver finish of this large Peace Dove piece, you will be amazed at how beautiful recycled car parts and scrap aluminum can be. When family and friends admire your new decorations, you can proudly share the piece's origin story and the good you did for someone else in the world when you purchased it. These fair trade pieces of art were hand crafted by artisans in Nicaragua. Your purchase will bring the true meaning of Christmas into your home in a tangible way. 

Fair Trade Christmas Decorations Details: 

These fair trade Christmas decorations are hand crafted from recycled aluminum by artisans in Nicaragua. This beautiful large Peace Dove was created out of old car parts and scrap aluminum. You would never know it from the end results! Add a touch of shine to your home wherever you display it. The approximate size is 5.5 inches by 5.5 inches by 2 inches. When you purchase items from Women of the Cloud Forest, you are purchasing items that are fair trade, eco-friendly, small batch, and handcrafted by artisans being supported around the world. You have shared in some amazing social good when you purchase these lovely fair trade Christmas decorations.

  • 5.5" x 5.5" x 2"


  • Recycled aluminum and car parts.
  • Handcrafted.
  • Made in Nicaragua.

Gifting Ideas:

Personal consumption and our impact on the environment has become a priority to improve upon for many people these days. Even if your friends and family do not have this at the forefront of the minds, they are certain to appreciate the story of how these fair trade Christmas decorations came to be. With each purchase of this beautiful silver large Peace Dove, along with any of the other products we carry by Women of the Cloud Forest, you are doing good for others and our environment. Gift this Peace Dove to anyone who loves to decorate for Christmas. It will be a great gift for a pastor, Sunday school teacher, or Bible study leader. As a symbol of peace, the Dove will be appreciated by anyone despite their spiritual beliefs.  Gift this to your entire community of friends and family. It is beautiful, and you cannot go wrong with this as a gift!

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