Part jigsaw puzzle part crossword. Movie Trivia theme puzzle.
Part jigsaw puzzle part crossword. Solve movie themed crossword then do the jigsaw puzzle.
Part jigsaw puzzle part crossword puzzle. Back of box shown.
Part jigsaw puzzle part crossword puzzle with 550 pieces.

Movie Trivia Crossword Jigsaw Puzzle

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This part jigsaw puzzle, part crossword puzzle is a double dose of fun. Imagine sitting around your favorite puzzle working table. It is blustery outside, but the room is warmed by a fire in the fireplace. You are wrapped in your favorite fluffy winter blanket. The other puzzle solvers in your family are gathered around providing non-stop silly conversation while you all concentrate on completing this challenge. Not your scene? Perhaps you are sitting at a table in a condo at the beach. Your favorite evening activity on vacation is sipping delicious beverages and working on puzzles while discussing the fun from the day with your friends or family. No matter where you are, this two-in-one puzzle will provide entertainment for all of the puzzlers present. 

Part Jigsaw Puzzle Part Crossword Details: 

This part jigsaw puzzle, part crossword puzzle is the perfect entertainment for any puzzle lover in your life. First solve the crossword puzzle to reveal the image of the jigsaw puzzle you will complete next. This popular series of puzzles comes in a variety of themes. This new addition is sure to be a fan favorite with a Movie Trivia theme. Clues for the crossword puzzle will be from classic movies. Use the completed crossword to assemble the 550 piece jigsaw puzzle. Gift this to the puzzlers in your life!

  • Box is:  10" l x 8" w x 2" h

  • 550 pieces.


  • Imported.

Gifting Ideas:

In our family, Thanksgiving is for family, food, and puzzles. We go on a quest for the perfect puzzle that will entertain all of us for hours or even days. Most people come and go from the puzzling table, but the die-hards are there until the end. Once the puzzle is completed, the workers emerge from their tunnel vision to rejoin whatever activities were going on unnoticed around them. It's great! If you and your family or friends enjoy a good puzzle, these part jigsaw puzzle part crossword puzzles are a fun new twist on our favorite holiday entertainment. Who will you gift hours of entertainment to?

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