3d Christmas tree Advent calendar.
3d Christmas tree Advent calendar comes in a flat package and pops up into 3d figure.
3d Christmas tree Advent calendar. Picture of packaging.

Carousel Christmas Tree Advent Calendar

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As tradition rich as the holidays are, you need something really special like this 3d Christmas tree Advent calendar to add to your holiday rituals. Children and adults alike will enjoy setting this paper advent calendar up for all to see and opening the flaps each day to reveal a festive surprise. The artwork it vintage in feel and will captivate your attention. Help build the excitement for Christmas by taking a moment to pause each day during the season of Advent to remember what all of the business is for. Advent calendars are a tradition that children will remember for years to come.

3d Christmas Tree Advent Calendar Details: 

This 3d Christmas tree Advent calendar is the perfect gift for family and friends. Help them get excited for the holiday season with a fun activity to enjoy daily leading up to Christmas. This stiff paper Christmas tree unfolds into a three dimensional calendar that can be set on any surface. The illustrations have a vintage feel and wrap around the entire calendar. Small paper flaps wait to reveal a traditional Christmas themed image each day of Advent. Gift this calendar to family and friends alike.


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Gifting Ideas:

Advent calendars have always been a tradition in our family. It is one that our children look forward to participating with every year. Even as adults, we enjoy the anticipation that builds with each successive day using the Advent calendar. This 3d Christmas tree Advent calendar is a beautiful version of this old tradition. Gift this calendar to your Sunday school class, your children, your grandchildren, your friends, or even yourself! Be ready to start on December 1st (or catch up if you receive it later), and enjoy the sweet joy that comes with making memories while participating in this age-old Advent tradition.

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