Stem kits for kids shown in fully illustrated box.
Stem kits for kids shown fully assembled.
Stem kits for kids. Close up of top of marble machine.
Close up of assembled stem kits for kids.
Fully assembled stem kits for kids.
Side view of fully assembled 3d stem kits for kids.
Close up view of front of box of stem kits for kids.

Totally Glueless - Magnificent Marble Machine

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Finding a great stem kit for kids can sometimes be challenging. They can be pricey and are not always that exciting. Well, look no further, because this stem kit for kids will be a new favorite for sure! The Totally Glueless collection is an amazing line of 3d mechanical toys that kids 8 years and up can enjoy assembling. This version is a 3d Marble Machine that is fun to put together and play with once it is complete. These machines have become some of our favorite new gifts for older kids and families. 

Stem Kits For Kids Details: 

If you are looking for a gift that will hold a child's attention that isn't another electronic device, this stem kit for kids is the answer. This gift is unique enough for even the techiest of kids. This Magnificent Marble Machine is an automaton - a moving machine - made entirely from cardboard. The kit comes in fully illustrated box containing cardboard pieces to be punched out. An instructional poster included leads the builder through fitting the pieces together. Sounds easy right? Well, don't be fooled, because this puzzle is challenging enough to hold a child's (or adult's) attention for hours. A video is also available for extra assistance. Once assembled, this Marble Machine creates a gravity fed marble roll like you have never seen. It is fun to build and fun to show friends. This toy is recommended for kids (and adults) age 8 and up. Younger kids may need extra assistance. This kit has no plastic, so it is completely compostable or recyclaCollectionsble.

  • Recommended for age: 8+


  • No plastic.
  • Completely compostable or recyclable.
  • Imported.

Gifting Ideas:

If you are looking for a gift that will provide entertainment for hours - without a screen, this stem kit for kids will be the perfect gift option. And you will make some parent's dreams come true! You are welcome. We love these new stem kits for kids and all of the other varieties in this collection! They are the perfect gift for older kids and even adults. Remind a child of the fun they can have without the internet with these "machines". Have puzzle loving adults in your life? These are great gifts for them as well! Cross those people who "have everything" off your list early this year. Shopping for your hard to shop for parents? Done! Hours of entertainment literally at their fingertips. You will be giving the favorite birthday or Christmas gift this year. Congrats! Shop now!

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